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Vision Pharmaceutical’s powders for injections are sterile, pyrogen-free powder substances including our lyophilized material packed in glass container. When sterile water for injection (provided in the packaging) added into this powder. it rapidly form a clear solution that can injected intravenously or intramuscularly.

Parenteral preparations may require the use of excipients such as solvents, substances to enhance solubility, suspending agents, buffering agents, substances to make the preparation isotonic with blood, stabilizers or antimicrobial preservatives. Vision Pharmaceutical ensures that these addition of excipients kept to a minimum. Our R&D department thoroughly investigate and then recommends specific excipients so that they do not adversely affect the stability, bioavailability, safety or efficacy of the active ingredient. It ensured that all the components of the dry powder ampules perfectly compatible with each other.


Vision Pharmaceutical strives to make sure that our manufacturing process meet the standard of cGMP. The following main general guidelines followed at every step of production to meet the requirements.

The quality and grade of raw material, manufacturing machinery, maintenance of the equipment and the method of powder production. maintained at highest standard to ensure the stability of the active substance and of the final product and that the final product sterile and free of pyrogens and particulate matter.

If any antimicrobial agent added, the quantity kept minimum and according to guidelines provided by regulatory authority. Sterilisation performed prior to production and maintained throughout the procedure. For glass container sterilisation autoclave the preferred method because it ensures rapid and complete sterilisation.

Vision Pharmaceutical extra cautious in filling of oxidation sensitive formulas and filling of such powder done in the atmosphere of suitable sterile inert gas, such as nitrogen, whereby the air in the container replaced by this gas.

Suitable and controlled particle size in maintained, dependent upon the intended use of the dry powder formulation.

Vision Pharmaceutical monitors manufacturing process by validation and carrying out appropriate in-process controls. These chalked out in a way to guarantee effectiveness of each stage of production. Monitoring of environmental conditions (especially with respect to particulate and microbial contamination), bacterial endotoxins, pH and clarity of solution. Freedom from particulate matter and integrity of the container-closure system (absence of leakage, etc.) utmost importance in this regard. We ensure that production procedure of powders for injections must include uniformity of mass, moisture content and the ease of reconstitution.

Our quality control department validate every production phase and inspect final product for particulate matter, discoloration. Precipitation of solid matter and other sign of chemical or physical instability. Vision Pharmaceutical guarantees that all our parenteral preparations comply with Test for sterility. Test for bacterial endotoxins, or, where applicable with Test for pyrogens. In single active ingredient formula it ensured that the Sterile Powder for Injection must  uniform mass and particle size.


Drug Pellet formation may appear as semicircular granules to an unaided eye. But is it the same plain, old, bitter tastings medicinal stuff, nay! It indeed a marvelous of modern pharmaceutical research. We at Vision Pharmaceutical put literally our heart and soul with critical Thinking brains and expert hands into making drug pellitization a reality and its wider availablity to local as well as international consumers.

Vision Pharmaceutical with its focused and result oriented R&D makes the formation of nearly spherical particles into final, pellitized product possible undergoing the process of fine particulating ,tumble drying, addition of binders and additives in various pellitization equipment.

Our unique pellitization techniques make us not only on par with any standardized international pellet manufacturers but give us un upper hand in economically competitive market as well. Drug Pellets manufacturing an art in itself and undergoes stages of production under uber scientific principles. What factors work deep down in these processing and how complicated it  ,let us have a look.

At first moist content of dried particles is reduced to form an effective air water interface. Make aggranulation of particles possible with the help of both physical and applied forces. Physical forces impart tensile strenght and liquid bridging among particles, changing capillary and surface tension of granules.

At Vision Pharmaceutical purpose built fully automated manufacturing unit makes tumbling motion of the particles possible and applied forces.   That arise as a result bring individual wetted particles close to each other and uniform distribution of active ingredients. This mechanism makes it possible to initiate pellitization process and subsequent growth of individual pellets under the following factors.

  1. Nucleation

Nucleation the Formation of nuclei and the process of particles formation from the continuos phase via interaction within the physical environment. In this stage liquid bridges created making formation of three dimensional water-air-liquid bonding possible, this give particles specific physical appearance and properties. Vision Pharmaceuticals makes sure that particles size must kept smaller for better bonding strength.

  1. Coalescence:

The second stage is coalescence, its a transition stage. This region affected by growth factors of coalescence and drug layering. Very important indeed so it needs to be closely supervised and Our R&D strives to make the process up to date. Coalescence brings discreet changes to size and no of particles but not to their mass.

  1. Layering

Layering is a third and final factor in manufacturing process of pellet formation. It is a continuous phase where both size and properties of particulate matter changes with drug layering. Vision Pharmaceutical advanced, fully automated production facility. Makes its possible to layer single or multiple active drugs on a single granule. Masking of bitter tastings drugs with addition of layers of Tasteless additives also ensured in this process.

All these Physical and Chemical processes work simultaneously in delicate ways to make scientifically quantified, tasteless, single/multi ingredient active drug pellets a reality and Vision as a pioneer in the science of pellitization.


Vision Pharmaceutical has one of a kind, state of art production machinery. That unique in its own way and utilise every modern pellitization Techniques, a quality unmatched in local market as well as neighbouring India. A Vision Pharmaceutical fully automated plant, R&D and Quality control department work in synchronisation to produce products with unmatched quality, economy, efficacy and Heartfelt satisfaction from our end consumers.

Vision Pharmaceutical utilises every modern standardised technique and pharmaceutical manufacturing procedures to produce drug pellets of unmatched quality.

We herby Discuss Vision Pharma’s pellitization Techniques in detail.

Extrusion Spheronization:

This technique widely used in modern pellitization worldwide. Vision Pharmaceutical utilises it as a major pellitization procedure in its operations. Our unique extrusions Spheronization takes place in three steps.

. Feed preparation

. Pellets production

. Pellets curing

Feed preparation, the first step and it initiated by mixing of drug-excipients with desired additives such as solution of binding agents. Then the second and most important step follows, and the process of agglomeration, where desired size of pellets are formed in pellitizater. The final step curing of wet pellets by thermal drying. Vision Pharmaceutical also utilises technique of simple stockpiling for some drug pellets.

The pellitization begins with the dispensing of powder feed material with binding solutions to the granulator to form a plasticized wet mass. This mass allowed to the screening chamber of extruder. Here pressure blades provide enough Compression to wet mass against the exterior of the screen. The extruder material discharged into discharge unit through scrapper blade and then finally into Spheronizer. Pellitizer disk  rolls the extruded with high speed in the direction of the roller and a rolling movement of helical like structure takes place. This makes the extrudes smooth in short amount of time. Due to intense rolling action and finally uniformed and spherical pellets discharged at the discharge unit.

More about Pellitization Technique

Pellitization Technique needs careful evaluation and continuous monitoring.  Vision Pharmaceutical’s production and quality control departments keep a keen eye. Monitors and document the whole process according to strict guidelines at every step of production. We ensure that every step thoroughly followed and not even a slight mistake is tolerated. We at Vision ensure that.

. In order to produce pellets of uniform size and shape the whole procedure of spheronization properly optimized.

. Extrudate should be in proper wet condition before entering spheronizer. So that it can be spheronized smoothly and no further breakdown occur.

. Different types of extruders are used for different formulations in order to achieve uniform pellitization.

. Amount of binders strictly controlled to avoid hardness and irregular shapes of pellets.

. Formation of big lumps of pellets  avoided at every cost.

. This type of pellitization process  more labor intensive but result in very ideal uniform shaped also spherical pellets.


Drug Pellets must have specific Pharmaceutical Properties to be considered as better alternative to conventional dosage forms. Vision Pharmaceutical ensures the highest possible standard of these requisites, both qualitatively and quantitatively and our formulated pellets best example of ,what benefits do this scientific novice and far better dosage form carries. Vision Pharmaceutical ensures that every standardised procedure and SOPs are thoroughly followed to impart unique qualities to our Drug Pellets.

At every phase of Pellets production Vision Pharmaceutical ensures that our end products comply all international standards and posses quality that second to none. Our highest qualified workforce and Fully Automated Plant ensures that no stone left unturned to achieve the goal of Ideal pellitization equipped with best Pharmaceutical properties.

In contrast to Semi Automated Production plant ,our Fully Automated Production Unit omits any chance or possibility of human error. Vision Pharmaceutical takes pride in drug pellitization, where every individual pellet carry unmatched Pharmaceutical qualities.


Pellets as drug delivery carries must have uniform size, almost spherical shape and free flowing properties. Vision Pharmaceutical drug Pellets have unifrom size and flow properties that guarantee best subsequent encapsulation and compression.

Shape and Tensile strength:

We at Vision Pharmaceutical make sure that our formulated pellets have a specific comparatively better tensile strength. The single most important Pharmaceutical property of our pellets that provide our end product with targeted drug delivery module.

Our oral contral release medication posses  qualities of dispersion all along the Gastrointestinal tract and exhibits prolong GI transit time. The tensile strength of our pellets impart it with sufficient mechanical strength to withstand abrasion during handling and further processing.

Shape and size play important role in dissolution and disintegration of drug pellets. Shape and size determing factors in devising dose strenght as pellets’ particles may form cluster and may remain there for long time within stomach even when food expelled out of stomach long before.

Smaller pellets of less then 2.4 mm diameter not affected by digestive functioning and closing down of pyloric sphincter. For multi unit drug pellets the ideal diameter 1.5 mm. Vision Pharmaceutical ensures that particle size standards strictly maintend.

Vision Pharmaceutical pellets production unit follows strict guidelines in maintaining the Ideal tensile strength of pellet granules. Our Pellets posses strength enough to withstand handling, transportation, storage, and further processing. We at Vision focus on strength of both wet and dry pellets.

Vision Pharmaceutical use a combination of additives and production techniques to ensure that our pellets posses ideal qualities. Quantity and nature of Adhesive , moisture content, salts and binders used in order to increase the strength of pellets.


Pellets are prepared by utilisation of freeze drying method in this technique. Vision Pharmaceuticals employs industry leading Lyophilisation techniques and produces highest quality sustained release, taste masked pellets that otherwise impossible to manufacture due to water sensitivity. Liquid nitrogen (-196 °C) is used as a medium, that causes freezing of droplets of liquid formulations into solid spherical particles which, then Lyophilised to produce pellets.

In this technique material freezes Immediately and uniformly due to rapid heat transfer from material’s droplets to liquid nitrogen. The total amount of liquid nitrogen required dependent upon quantity of solution. The equipment consists of a nitrogen container and a conveyor which with its variable speed maintains the required residence time for freezing the Pellets. Frozen pellets stored in a storage container (Temperature -60°C ) before drying. In this process droplet formation a critical step influenced by many variables like nature, viscosity, surface tension, solid content of the solution and equipment design.

Hot Melt Extrusion:

HME a robust and novel technique used in Pharmaceutical industry to produce various drug delivery system. This technique utilised by  very few Pharmaceutical industries throughout South Asia, Vision Pharmaceutical proud of its engineering unit to utilise such a novel and advanced manufacturing system.

This method involves compaction and blend of powder into uniform shaped pellets. Melted polymers, binders, excipients and active drugs forced through a die under control temperature, pressures, screw speed etc to form uniform shaped pellets.

Whole process carried out in following major steps.

Feeding of extruder through hopper.

Mixing, grinding, kneading.

Flow through the die under controlled conditions.

Extrusion and further processing.

Vision Pharmaceutical uses this technique for the variety of benefits including but not limited to.,

. Pellitization of drugs with poor bioavailability.

. For preparation of taste masked dosage forms.

. To make a stable dosage form,in case the drug water sensitive.

. Formulation preparation for control release dosage forms.

. For uniform suspension of drug particles with better content uniformity.

Freeze Pellitization:

In this technique, a molten solid carrier into which the drug uniformly dispersed entered as tiny droplets into, inert liquid in which molten solid carrier completely immiscible. This tiny droplets get solidified Into spherical pellets. These tiny droplets can move in either direction depending upon the density of the solid carrier. If the density lower compared to inert liquid than molten solid is introduced from the bottom and droplets will flow from bottom to upward coulmn. But if the density higher than inert liquid then molten solid introduced from the upward coulmn. Melting point of solid carrier used for this process below 100°C so that it can remain solid at room temperature. In order to obtain uniform shaped spherical pellets. Viscosity of the drug medium should be optimum, ideally between 4 and 40 cP at 20 °C.


Vision Pharmaceutical with its unique and state of the art production and quality control techniques takes pride in unparalleled satisfaction of its end consumers through highest standard product portfolio and goal oriented business module. Here Quality control procedures followed at every stage  of production line and final product bring under strict scrutiny.

Vision Pharmaceutical manufacture drug Pellets through its automated plant and evaluate them through various standardised technique. Only pellets that pass through these evaluation measures allowed distribution to market.

Pellet Shape:

We at Vision Pharmaceutical strive to keep our pellets shape uniform and in accordance with international standards. Prime requirements for successful coating spherical and smooth shape of pellets. Both microscopic and non microscopic methods are used to determine Pellets’ shape. Pellet Shape affects its geometric properties, flow and compaction. It possible to determine whether the pellet spherical or asymmetrical. Spherical shaped pellets have minimum surface volume per unit area. The minimum face value is 6 for spherical shape Pellets, if the value exceeds 6 then the pellet is considered asymmetrical.

Size Distribution:

Pellet size equally important factor in addition to shape. Pellet size determined by sieve shaking method and microscopy. Vision Pharmaceutical commonly use sieve shaking method for evaluation of pellet size but microscopic measurements also used whenever need arises.

Surface Morphology:

Surface morphology is another very important parameter in pellets manufacturing. Scanning as well as analysis of cross section of pellets can use to determine surface morphology. Microscopic properties of pellets, structure of pellets’ surface, density and frictional force between the pellets are parameters of utmost importance. Vision Pharmaceutical ensures to impart optimal morphological properties to its manufactured pellets in order to give these ,ideal compression, and disintegration properties.

Tensile strength:

Tensile strength is very important property of drug pellets. In order to evaluate the tensile strength of pellets, Vision Pharmaceutical uses tensile apparatus. Pellets strained under five kg load cell until failure occur. Then tensile strength of that particular drug pellets calculated by using various formula specifically devised by our quality control department.

Crushing strength:

The crushing strenght is the measure of load needed to break the pellet. We at Vision Pharmaceutical use material testing machine to measure crushing strenght of various drug Pellets. This process repeated at every step of production line and at end product along with other quality control tests.

Specific Surface Area:

Surface per unit volume called specific surface area. Size and shape of pellets directly affected by this physical property alone. For film coating of pellets, knowledge of specific area is extremely important, but even for uncoated pellets  it has got some importance. As this property directly influence drug release profile, so Vision Pharmaceutical production unit carefully monitor specific surface area of every individual batch of single or multi ingredient drug Pellets evaluation.

Disintegration Time:

Disintegration time very important characteristic for immediate release pellets. It can influence actual drug availability in vitro and peak plasma concentrations at various time intervals. Vision Pharmaceutical uses latest Disintegration Appartus to measure disintegration time of every batch of drug Pellets.


Drug Pellets is new form of pharmaceutical drug delivery system manufactured by fine powder excipients. And active drug together to form free flowing spherical or semi spherical granular particles. Vison pharmaceutical provides a vast portfolio of active ingredient formulas in the form of pellets with advance manufacturing facilities.

Benefits as compared to other pharmaceutical dosage forms:

Drug Pellets is relatively newer technique of multi purpose pharmaceutical manufacturing process developed to serve key targets in mind. Vision Pharmaceutical the largest pellets manufacturing pharma in local market serving end customers with plethora of benefits. With our dedicated Research and development team, state of the art manufacturing facilities following strict  cGMP and WHO guidelines, quality assurance at every step of pellets. manufacturing and export oriented corporate module makes us one of the unique pharmaceutical industry that have no parallel in local market. Vision Pharmaceutical has purpose built fully automated manufacturing plant that proves its engineering prowess compared to old age semi automatic Indian Pellets manufacturers.

Vision Pharmaceutical’s goal orientated R&D Team makes drugs pellets manufacturing process not only up to date but takes it forwards to the very cutting edge of technology. Our state of the art quality control facilities ensure strict quality assurance at every step of pellets production. Vision Pharmaceutical bulk manufacturing facilities ensure market competitive price without slightest compromise on quality. Our corporate environment and business module. ensure ease of mind in doing business with Vision for both national/international businesses and end customer.

Vision Pharmaceutical provides following benefits in Drug Pellets manufacturing and end products.

Maximum absorption:

Our pellets ensures maximum absorption and maximum bioavailability.

Comparatively lesser dosage dumping:

Pellets complicated to manufacture but it provides the benefits of lesser dosage dumping. with targeted on site delivery and uniform absorption.

Pulsed,sustained and Delayed release:

Vision Pharmaceutical provides sustained release formulation for the maximum dose efficiency. And sustainable plasma levels by carefully selecting polymers and preparation methods.

Mutiple drug combinations with different release rate:

Vision Pharmaceutical ensures that multiple active ingredients can combined with varied gastrointestinal release rates and without any incompatibly issues.

Masked or tasteless drugs:

Our uniquely manufacturing facilities ensure tasteless or flavoured drug pellitization of bitter tastings formulas for better patients’ compliance

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