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Incorporating latest, standardized and innovative techniques for pharmaceutical manufacturing procedures, we expertise in producing top-quality and cost-effective pharma products, fulfilling the clients’ requirements.



The manufacturing of pharma products takes places through a process that had marked many successful years to come. The process adheres to international regulatory and submission requirements for clinical trials or marketing authorization. Vision Pharmaceuticals’ extensive service catalog offers anything from stand-alone studies to complete first-in-human or full pharmaceutical-development study packages.

Vision Pharma operates under rigorously enforced quality standards, tailoring our efforts to nearly any special procedures that may be requested or designing packages to meet the specific demands of our consumers. From formulation to filling, sterilization to optical checking, the end product is prepared in the most standardized environment. Our manufacturing process strives to attract and multiply our clients through exceptional expertise at competitive prices.

Research & Development

In order to revolutionize the community, we need sharp and innovative minds that possess the ability to put up creative ideas to further our productivity with a much-needed value addition. Our talented Research & Development team masters the art of nurturing the ideas and giving a way forward to its implementation.

The team comes up with some extraordinary facts and assists us in devising our strategies accordingly. From trial batches to product documents, our research and development team creates wonders in the field of modern medical research. This is the reason our research-based product portfolio offers such diverse product range that has a relative international standing.

Quality Control & Assurance

Success is synonymous of quality, which we never compromise on. Our Quality Control & Assurance department incorporates the finest pharmaceutical technologies to make sure that each product manufactured by the Vision Pharmaceuticals is upto the mark and meets the global standards.

At Vision Pharmaceuticals, each operation is strictly followed through validated procedures by competent, trained and dedicated individuals. Strict adherence to quality, assures that the international pharma requirements are met completely to make our products globally reliable, from production to packaging, storage and distribution.

Modernized Quality Assurance is an ongoing built-in process for which we pursue the modern concept of QBD (Quality-by-Design) and indulge quality into the product right from the developmental stage. Instead of conventional testing methods, we go while being a step ahead, ensuring the product-quality by adopting the online PATC (Process Analytical Technology Concept).

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