Pellitization Techniques

November 6, 2020 by pharmavision0

Vision Pharmaceutical has one of a kind, state of art production machinery. That unique in its own way and utilise every modern pellitization Techniques, a quality unmatched in local market as well as neighbouring India. A Vision Pharmaceutical fully automated plant, R&D and Quality control department work in synchronisation to produce products with unmatched quality, economy, efficacy and Heartfelt satisfaction from our end consumers.

Vision Pharmaceutical utilises every modern standardised technique and pharmaceutical manufacturing procedures to produce drug pellets of unmatched quality.

We herby Discuss Vision Pharma’s pellitization Techniques in detail.

Extrusion Spheronization:

This technique widely used in modern pellitization worldwide. Vision Pharmaceutical utilises it as a major pellitization procedure in its operations. Our unique extrusions Spheronization takes place in three steps.

. Feed preparation

. Pellets production

. Pellets curing

Feed preparation, the first step and it initiated by mixing of drug-excipients with desired additives such as solution of binding agents. Then the second and most important step follows, and the process of agglomeration, where desired size of pellets are formed in pellitizater. The final step curing of wet pellets by thermal drying. Vision Pharmaceutical also utilises technique of simple stockpiling for some drug pellets.

The pellitization begins with the dispensing of powder feed material with binding solutions to the granulator to form a plasticized wet mass. This mass allowed to the screening chamber of extruder. Here pressure blades provide enough Compression to wet mass against the exterior of the screen. The extruder material discharged into discharge unit through scrapper blade and then finally into Spheronizer. Pellitizer disk  rolls the extruded with high speed in the direction of the roller and a rolling movement of helical like structure takes place. This makes the extrudes smooth in short amount of time. Due to intense rolling action and finally uniformed and spherical pellets discharged at the discharge unit.

More about Pellitization Technique

Pellitization Technique needs careful evaluation and continuous monitoring.  Vision Pharmaceutical’s production and quality control departments keep a keen eye. Monitors and document the whole process according to strict guidelines at every step of production. We ensure that every step thoroughly followed and not even a slight mistake is tolerated. We at Vision ensure that.

. In order to produce pellets of uniform size and shape the whole procedure of spheronization properly optimized.

. Extrudate should be in proper wet condition before entering spheronizer. So that it can be spheronized smoothly and no further breakdown occur.

. Different types of extruders are used for different formulations in order to achieve uniform pellitization.

. Amount of binders strictly controlled to avoid hardness and irregular shapes of pellets.

. Formation of big lumps of pellets  avoided at every cost.

. This type of pellitization process  more labor intensive but result in very ideal uniform shaped also spherical pellets.

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