Vision Pharmaceutical Drug Pellets Properties

November 6, 2020 by pharmavision0

Drug Pellets must have specific Pharmaceutical Properties to be considered as better alternative to conventional dosage forms. Vision Pharmaceutical ensures the highest possible standard of these requisites, both qualitatively and quantitatively and our formulated pellets best example of ,what benefits do this scientific novice and far better dosage form carries. Vision Pharmaceutical ensures that every standardised procedure and SOPs are thoroughly followed to impart unique qualities to our Drug Pellets.

At every phase of Pellets production Vision Pharmaceutical ensures that our end products comply all international standards and posses quality that second to none. Our highest qualified workforce and Fully Automated Plant ensures that no stone left unturned to achieve the goal of Ideal pellitization equipped with best Pharmaceutical properties.

In contrast to Semi Automated Production plant ,our Fully Automated Production Unit omits any chance or possibility of human error. Vision Pharmaceutical takes pride in drug pellitization, where every individual pellet carry unmatched Pharmaceutical qualities.


Pellets as drug delivery carries must have uniform size, almost spherical shape and free flowing properties. Vision Pharmaceutical drug Pellets have unifrom size and flow properties that guarantee best subsequent encapsulation and compression.

Shape and Tensile strength:

We at Vision Pharmaceutical make sure that our formulated pellets have a specific comparatively better tensile strength. The single most important Pharmaceutical property of our pellets that provide our end product with targeted drug delivery module.

Our oral contral release medication posses  qualities of dispersion all along the Gastrointestinal tract and exhibits prolong GI transit time. The tensile strength of our pellets impart it with sufficient mechanical strength to withstand abrasion during handling and further processing.

Shape and size play important role in dissolution and disintegration of drug pellets. Shape and size determing factors in devising dose strenght as pellets’ particles may form cluster and may remain there for long time within stomach even when food expelled out of stomach long before.

Smaller pellets of less then 2.4 mm diameter not affected by digestive functioning and closing down of pyloric sphincter. For multi unit drug pellets the ideal diameter 1.5 mm. Vision Pharmaceutical ensures that particle size standards strictly maintend.

Vision Pharmaceutical pellets production unit follows strict guidelines in maintaining the Ideal tensile strength of pellet granules. Our Pellets posses strength enough to withstand handling, transportation, storage, and further processing. We at Vision focus on strength of both wet and dry pellets.

Vision Pharmaceutical use a combination of additives and production techniques to ensure that our pellets posses ideal qualities. Quantity and nature of Adhesive , moisture content, salts and binders used in order to increase the strength of pellets.

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