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Career Development

Employee Resource Group Vision is committed to building a workplace that seeks out and values different perspectives and ensures each employee can contribute to the business and reach his/her full potential. The company’s support of Employee Resource Groups (Affinity) helps us meet this commitment.

HR Mission

  • To attract, build and retain right talent at all levels.
  • To create and nurture performance culture through continuous capability building, performance measurement and leveraging IT.
  • To foster leadership at all levels through trust, empowerment & openness.
  • To strengthen collaborative approach for Business Excellence.

Promote a vibrant work culture based on innovation and incentivize people based on productivity/outstanding performance. In our competitive landscape, the need for each of us to develop ourselves and maximize our potential on the job is critical. We believe that strong development programs and clearly defined career pathways benefit both our talented employees and the organization as a whole. As such, all Vision Pharmaceuticals employees are provided an opportunity to develop their talents and acquire the necessary skills needed to become successful members of the organization.

How We Care

The following beliefs will provide the foundation upon which we build our organization, make decisions and care our Society, customers, employees and investors.

  • Merit is at the core of our name. We know that we must provide high quality product to our patients every day to earn our customer’s trust.
  • Extraordinary people will make us an extraordinary company. One of our most important responsibilities is to attract and retain great people.
  • Respect for each other will create a culture where all voices can be heard and where people can work in a supportive environment.
  • Integrity, We will conduct our business with high ethical and professional standards.
  • Teamwork is important to our success. “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” (Helen Keller)

Investing in our talent is important to our business because it allows us to:

  • Nurture future leaders and continue to fulfill our commitment to fill positions from within.
  • Increase the quality of our work.
  • Drive culture as a coaching and development organization.
  • Embed the concept that we, as employees, have a responsibility to maintain and improve our skill set.
  • Further enhance employee motivation, retention and commitment.

Performance and Development Planning

We are committed to giving our employees opportunities to grow and realize their full potential, and create an environment of continuous performance improvement and personal development.
All Vision employees participate in a performance appraisal and development planning process. This process enables employees to focus on clear and ambitious goals, to set directions and priorities and to clarify expectations within the organization. In addition, this approach promotes a culture of continuous improvement, supports individuals in meeting their development goals, and strengthens organizational capabilities. This process is instrumental to improve individual, team and overall business performance.

We believe that through this commitment, which offers challenging and rewarding career opportunities, we enhance our reputation as an attractive employer.


Vision offers a wide variety of professional and leadership development programs. We are committed to providing programs that enable associates to build skills, increase their knowledge and acquire tools they need to excel within an increasingly competitive marketplace. Our focus on development enhances Vision ‘ reputation as a place where employees can continue to grow.

The Vision Pharmaceuticals Corporation Leadership Curriculum and eLearning Curriculum is our commitment to “unleashing the full potential of our people.”

Diversity and Inclusion

At Vision, we see diversity and inclusion as the right thing to do. The right ways to attract, retain, and develop the best talent in our industry who share our passion. The right way to have an organization that reflects the diversity of our customers to help us understand and address their medical needs. It’s the right way to manage our business and it’s why we have made it a core element of our company strategy.
We define diversity as a broad concept. It includes the many elements of our individuality – race, gender, age, experience, thinking and work styles, culture, country of origin, job status and function, physical ability, work/family balance, economic level, religious belief, organizational tenure, sexual orientation, identity, expression and more.

Diversity is an approach that helps us contribute to the business and reach our full potential. A strategy that effectively serves the needs of diverse customers through different cultures, ideas and perspectives. It’s also a way to leverage our distinct talents to drive improved business performance.

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